Lilliput UM 70

Lilliput UM 70 holds 1st spot in our list of 18 best portable monitors 

The reason is that it is close to the Ideal size when compared to its competitors. This splendid piece of device is just 7 inch in screen size. I wouldn’t say, it is the best portable monitor in our list but the following factors makes him one of the splendid choices.


If you look at the price, i think, there isn’t any best monitor that out there in the market that offers such specs and features within this affordable price. Let’s get into the Lilliput UM 70 review so that you get to know more about this device.


Lilliput UM 70 comes with USB port that enables connectivity option for laptop and desktop with ease. As i mentioned the portable monitor is USB powered so you can’t use HDMI or VGA for connectivity. Moreover, the Lilliput UM 70 comes with;

  • 800×400 display
  • 250:1 contrast ratio
  • LED Back-light that is simply scintillating.

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Speaking of Lilliput UM 70 design, it’s super tiny (only 7 inches) that some people might think that it’s tablet. Despite that, it has super cool design as you can see in the picture and it’s super light.


Speaking of it’s compatibility, Lilliput UM 70 is compatible with windows, and MAC operating system.

The problem with this portable monitor is that it’s not compatible with VESA and doesn’t come with touch screen.

  • Super Tiny.
  • Easy connectivity.
  • Affordable price.
  • Super light.
  • Good performance.
  • No touch screen.
  • No VESA compatibility.


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