Cart Cash Carry always believes in truth, honesty, loyalty and fair business practices under ethical terms and conditions. Google has grown to this much extent that the information providing websites about specific products are not limited to hundreds or thousands.

The numbers have gone beyond the limits. carefully collects information by searching those sites that are providing the most accurate and value added information. Off-course we also have certain sources from where we gather information. But we rely on those sources who have been considered as the most authentic in the business. Since the reason behind this is to give our customers the best these links may change anytime if the site contains more useful information is found by us.

What is not allowed on Cart Cash Carry

We have set strict rules and regulations and we believe in the ethical and moral grounds, we know that we are the decision helpers. If we provide or gather information from non authentic sources, that would directly harm our business. What we don’t allow on our website and don’t interfere in other sources while data collection are as follows;

  • Political issues
  • Promotion of any type of people is not allowed on our website.
  • Promotion of socially immoral conduct is strictly prohibited.
  • Promotion of alcohol or tobacco products or any drug forms is strictly not allowed.
  • Promotion of sexually oriented materials or content is strict not allowed.
  • Promotion of weapons is strictly not allowed.
  • Content infringing on any type of trademark or rights of another person will not be violated.
  • Content that is inappropriate to the government is not allowed to be published on CCC.

This list is a nonexclusive list. This external link policy applies to websites that are outside Cart Cash Carry. The webmaster shall make procedures to check the implementation and continuing oversight of this POLICY. These procedures shall include a process for review of all new requests for external content links from Cartvila.

Each request will be check for having these guidelines:

  • Whether the content is relevant.
  • Whether the site is compatible and easy to use for all types of people e.g disabled.
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We highly value the feedback and regard that, if you find anything offensive or inappropriate you can visit our Contact Us page and inform us, we’ll review that and try to implement that.

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