What is the Best Spy Camera for Car in 2019 – Extensive Buyer’s Guide {*Updated Feb 2019*}

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Technology has revolutionized the whole world. Just have a look around us. We are all around surrounded by the tech world and even if we want, we can’t stay away from it. Now the future generations are so used to it that a 2 year child even knows how to download games from the google play store. Who has thought a decade ago that you will be connected to your family 24/7 via video call on the go at a very minimum price. If you are in any part of the globe, you are definitely having a cellphone connected to internet and you can contact your family friends via audio video call. Who has thought of a crypto currency, online banking and the list is quite long.

Would you believe???

Yes, you have to. This article will focus on tempting SPY CAMERA FOR CAR about which you must have heard penalty of times. The SPY CAMERA FOR CAR are one of the prime upgrades that will leverage your Driving Security Experience. The old ones have now been progressed to a shiny new Spy Cameras. If you want to taste the real flavour of the upgrade you are required to spend something extra that will add on your gadget with 360 degree view.

See what you shoot.

One Question always confuse you in making the purchase decision.

What is that Question??? You must be thinking.

Let me tell you.

Whenever you are going to purchase something that comes under the up-gradation terms the very 1st question that comes to mind is that;

  • Is it worth the price?
  • Is this the right timing for you to choose the one?
  • Do they provide you the feel which you exactly want to get from them?
  • Do they really provide you the best Value for money?

In This Article we have shortlisted the 3 best SPY CAMERA FOR CAR attributes so that you can easily choose the one for yourself.

If you are caring about your car’s security?
If you want to keep on eye at your car 24/7?
If you have craze of taking pictures and making videos?
If you want to make you life a story of the life time.
Do you want to capture beautiful and vivid video shots of the places you visit ?
Don’t worry. We are here to guide you about some of the best spy camera for your car so that you can make an awesome choice regarding your needs and requirements.


A lot of people have seen car dash videos and most of those videos have some crazy things happening in them. All of those videos were recorded because of a high-quality, spy camera with audio for car which was hidden in car interior for a totally different reason.

People also put spy cameras in cars, so they have proof for the insurance company, in case something bad happens.

However, a lot of people put car surveillance camerawith the purpose of catching a cheating spouse. The choice is huge, so you need to pick the one that is going to solve your problem. Keep reading to find out some of the best spy car cameras to buy in 2019.

A good number of cameras bring with a number of great features. For instance, you might find one WiFi connectivity. Others are good at producing crispy and sharp images. Zooming and pixels of a Vlogging camera matters big time. Consequently, when looking for a camera, these are two important features you should be on the lookout for.[/su_note]


There are different uses for a spy camera, especially when it comes to putting one in your car. It’s actually very different than getting one for your house or office because it’s much harder to hide it properly and make it invisible to the naked eye. A perfectly installed hidden camera for car interior can catch a thief without him noticing anything.

On the other hand, you can use a mini spy camera for car for the purpose of catching a cheating spouse. In this case, you don’t even need to record a video. If you suspect something, all you need is a camera that has a GPS tracker in it, so you will know where your spouse is located and if said spouse lied to you about their whereabouts.

Before you go out and buy a perfect model for yourself consider the following things:

  • Get the smallest and most portable camera out there. The smaller the camera, the easier it will be to hide it anywhere inside the vehicle. You will see that there are plenty of choices for spy cameras for carso make sure you check at several locations and pick the perfect one.
  • Think about what you are trying to catch on the recording and then set it up on a location within the car interior where the product will record exactly what you want. For instance, to see the face of a thief, you need to put the camera somewhere on the dashboard. If you want to catch something in the backseat, you will need a covert car camera placed on the back of the front seats.
  • The easiest way to hide a camera is if you disguise it as an object that can be removed from the car. The best object would be one that the passengers will never think to move like the sunglass clips on the overhead flaps, bobble-head sculptures located on the dash, objects hanging from the rearview mirror or anything similar to these.

List of Best Spy Camera for Car 2019

Crosstour Dash Cam1080P FHD DVR
Mini Wireless Security720P/1080P
DR. Pro1440P/1080P




best spy camera for car by Crosstour
  • SONY SENSOR AND FULL HD 1080P – With the SONY 2M CMOS Sensor, the dash cam can take high definition recording, vivid picture and excellent night vision. Car’s nameplates as well as street signs can be clearly captured during day and night.
  • 170°WIDE ANGLE AND 6G LENS- With 6 glass fixed-focus ultra-wide lens of 170°, you can record more detailed and clear views. For example, you can record 4 lanes of traffic. With 6 glass lens, the dash cam can record more clear and better scenery.
  • 2 IR NIGHT VISION LIGHTS AND WDR TECHNOLOGY -With 2 infrared night vision lights, capture every smaller details which cannot be seen while driving at night. Wide dynamic range(WDR) is able to restore the true colors of objects to the greatest extent.
  • BUILT-IN G-SENSOR AND FILE PROTECTION – Locking the current footage to prevent it from being overwrotecan while detecting a sudden shake/collision. You can also press power button to manually lock files during recording when there is an emergency.
  • 3 METERS MOTION DETECTION DASH CAM – Any subjects moving within 3 meters can be recorded. And recording is auto-stopped if there is no movement within 10 seconds. Please hardwire it or connect it with external battery source when parking.


1. High Definition and Super Night Vision

SONY 2M sensor, F1.8 super big aperture are combined in CR700. So it can record
much better and clearer videos than other dash cams even in dark night.

2. 170°Wide Angle and 6 Glass Lens

170° viewing angle can bring you more views.
With 6 glass lens, the dash cam can record more clear and better scenery.

3. Gravity Sensor Technology

In case of intense collision of the automobile, the built-in gravity sensor(G Sensor)
will trigger forced file protection function. The protected video file will not be deleted or overwrote.

4. High Dynamic Range

When being in a low light or backlight situation, our dash cam can continuously shoot three pictures
and integrate them into one thus it can highlight the best part of each photo to produce an exquisite picture.

spy camera for car by Crosstour

The amazing thing about this camera is that it is equipped with  SONY Lens   

This cam has a motion detector and it will start recording as soon as it detects some movement. It also offers excellent video quality and night vision, which means it can record at any time during the day & night both. The amazing thing about this hidden car surveillance camerais that it has a 170’ Wide Angle, meaning it can even record 4 lanes of traffic.

The Crosstour camera starts recording both audio and video as soon as you turn on the engine and then it automatically shuts down when the car engine stops working. The motion detection feature on the cam will catch any movement within three meters. If there is no movement, the camera stops recording after 10 secs.

  • Wider recording angle
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Loop recording
  • The night vision could be better



2. E Tronic Edge – MINI SPY CAM FOR CAR

best spy camera for car by Crosstour

My extra eye transmits video and images to your smartphone or tablet via MyExtraEye app.

My Extra Eye is a WEARABLE, SHAREABLE HD CAMERA. It shoots beautiful 1080p/30fps quality video. It’s never been easier to shoot and share your favorite experiences. With 8MP photos, our camera is amazing for portraits and scenic shots. When streaming a live feed in the app, you can choose either to save pictures or video right to your phone gallery or save it to the camera memory. Switch between how you want to save your content seamlessly.

My Extra Eye protects against unforeseen attacks, muggings, and other events that often come from behind us. In these days of violence and Fear, everyone needs My Extra Eye. Our camera is very functional to use as an action camera as well. Take it hiking, mountain biking, skiing or even clip it on a drone. Great tool for motorcyclists and cyclists as well, clip the camera on your back and Mount your phone to your handlebars to always know what is behind you.

My Extra Eye is one of the only security and action cameras that includes everything you need to use it on a day to day basis as soon as you open the box. Most other security cameras require additional expensive parts to get your camera working. We bundle everything you need to make sure your setup process is quick and easy. Package includes (1 X HD Mini Camera)  (4X Mounts to Use Your Camera Everywhere)

My Extra Eye has all of your personal security and surveillance needs covered, whether you’re a small business owner looking for an economical and flexible way to protect your store, a commuter looking for extra safety or a parent who wants to get things done around the house while watching the kids. My Extra Eye makes it all possible.NOT JUST A VIDEO CAMERA
My Extra Eye is NOT just a powerful video camera. It also works as a premium camera for taking breath taking photos. Equipped with a 120 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens and a SONY IMX 179 Sensor. With 8MP images your photos will be of the highest quality. The Electronic Image Stabilization built in the camera allows your photos and videos to always come out perfect, even if you are on the move. The Camera is designed to take the same high quality of photos in all lighting conditions other than pitch black.COMES WITH 4 CAMERA MOUNTSCLIP – The first mount will be the clip on mount that will allow you to easily clip the camera to your shirt or jacket. This mount is great for cliping to the back of your shirt to see what is behind you, or clip to the front of your shirt to re-live moments you are recording.MAGNET – This mount is perfect for sticking on anything metal or tin. Stick it to your fridge to keep an eye on your vegetables frying on the stove. Or use the mount to stick to the back of your vehicle for backing out of a busy parking lot. Handy tool for lining up a trailer with your hitch as well.SUCTION – Mount the camera to any window or electronic screen. Suction your camera to your TV to film your reactions when watching a show or playing video games. Put it on a window in your children’s room to keep an eye on them while they are playing with the door closed.VISCOSE – Great for all surfaces, the viscose mount is a sticky solution to easily mount your camera anywhere. Stick it to trees, drones, rubber and pretty much anything. This can be washed up to 2000 times and still provide excellent sticking for every new surface it encounters.

This is one of the smallest spy cameras that you can get, which makes it perfect for putting it in the car. It’s very discreet so that no one will notice it and the great thing is that it is wireless. The camera can automatically transfer videos and pictures directly to your phone, tablet or laptop.

This camera can help you protect yourself from any unforeseen events and on top of that you don’t have to keep it in the car, you can take it with you and the recording continues. One of its features is that it has an HD mic, giving you really good audio recordings.


spy camera for car




  • Wireless
  • HD microphone
  • It works through rain
  • Has an app
  • Doesn’t record for a long time
  • Has problems with SD card




A panoramic dash cam can be used as a spy camera. However, its main purpose is to record your driving, so if anything bad happens, you will have evidence for the insurance company. The best place to put this camera is on the windshield so it can record anything, even in the back of the car. This covert spy camera in car windshield supports 1440P/1080P videos with up to 25 fps.

Another amazing feature it offers is a G-sensor, which means that the camera will lock and save any recorded video in case of a collision. On top of that this camera records audio and it can be your personal 24 hours parking monitor. This means that the camera records as soon as you turn the ignition on and it won’t miss anything for the whole drive.


best spy camera for car by Dr.Pro


  • High-quality videos
  • 24 hours recording
  • Records in the whole car vicinity
  • Not perfect for trucks/large vehicles
  • Installation could be complicated



All in all, we can see that whatever kind of car camera you get, it’s very important to get a spy camera with audio. If you want to protect your car from a possible theft, or you want to keep an eye on a cheating spouse, get a very small camera that can be easily disguised into an item that is located in the car.

Getting a hidden car surveillance camera with a GPS tracker is also good, so you will always know where the car is located. Above, we have shown you 3 excellent car cameras and whichever one you pick, you will be fully satisfied. Keep in mind that setting up a spy camera in the car is harder than when you do it in your house or office. If it’s not installed properly, people might notice it and it might not work as it should. So, spend some extra time with the manual and you won’t regret it.

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